Optometric Technology

Computers run our lives these days and that is certainly true of healthcare as well.  Our office has 19 computers that run our equipment, store our data, do our ordering and talk to the many insurance companies that we deal with.

We offer computerized visual field testing to find any loss of sensitivity in the field of vision of each eye.

We have computerized topography that measures over 10,000 points on the surface of the eye and creates a topographical map that shows precisely where any distortions and irregularities are.

We take digital retinal color photos that allow us to examine small areas on your retina and see detail we would not easily see otherwise.  It also gives us a permanent record for future comparison.

We have a state of the art Optical Coherent Tomographer (OCT) that uses a scanning laser to look at the retinal surface as well as look through all 10 layers of the retina.  This gives us exact detail of what is going on under the retinal surface.  We can also measure the thickness of the eye’s nerve fiber layer which helps determine the presence and progression of glaucoma.  We can measure the corneal thickness within 1/1000th of a millimeter anywhere on the cornea.  This helps diagnose corneal distortions, dystrophies and thinning areas.

Our newest instrument is the QuantifEye Macular Pigment Optical Density measurement system.  This instrument identifies risk factors that are related to retinal disease. 

An eye exam is no longer limited to checking your vision, measuring the pressure in the eye and taking a quick look inside it.  We can precisely map, measure, and quantify details throughout the eye. 



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