Lens Technology

We Are Certified Lens Technology Experts...Our lens training never stops.


Correcting vision takes more than a prescription

Every aspect of your lenses affects your vision correction, including how comfortable they are, how durable they are, even how easy they are to clean. It all comes down to which combination of material, design and treatment is right for you.

The material is the foundation of a lens. Thickness, weight, and impact resistance are all variables to consider.

The prescription determines whether a lens is single-vision or progressive. The design technology determines the level of optical performance.

The treatment protects both the lens and the eyes, and can be customized to accommodate the wearer’s way of life.

Hoya’s approach to vision correction is built around personalization, because we believe there is an ideal material, design and treatment for every individual.




"Dr. Middleton is a personable and friendly sort that is thorough and experienced. I did not feel rushed...I felt like a person as opposed to just a pair of eyes. Dr. Middleton clearly explained how and why my eyes have changed and then how lens technology has improved. The front office staff is friendly and efficient and the opticians are very knowledgeable. I have yet to try my new glasses, but look forward to it. "

- Cynthia M.


California Optometric Association
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